Warm salad “pinter’s palette”


This is a fabolous time of the year… when winter has not completely closed its doors yet but you can already smell spring in the air.
Nature is still apparently sleeping but instead Lady Spring is ready to be re-born.
Her strong potential energy is already there, ready to explode in few weeks.

It’s time of transition. Spring equinox is getting closer and closer. Our body, our mind and our soul are preparing for the new spring.

In this warm salad some winter flavours are delicately linked to some spring flavours, there they go, hand in hand, in good harmony.

You will find :
- purple potatoes
- yellow datterino tomatoes
- dark cherry tomatoes
- fennels
- asparagus
- radishes
- “Pope’s” beans

You can appreciate different textures, from the soft steamed potatoes to the crispy potatoe chips, from the fragrant and fresh string of fennel to the soft and creamy beans, as well as the two differently cooked asparagus (some steamed and some barbecued) and the juicy little tomatoes.

Some Hawaiian black salt and a splash of extra virgin oil from Canino and the dish is ready !!!

Many textures, delicate flavours and … many colors make this plate a real “pinter’s palette” to taste and enjoy !

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